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We’ve built companies from the ground up, served hundreds of millions of users and completed multiple exits.

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overall output over 60 months:

Solid team for a solid development

RAPID team has many years experiences in development and community management. Our goal : Bring this opportunity to another level.


Instant, Reliable transactions between users

Constant Development

Our Development strategy aim a steady development

One of the fastest blockchain ever

An exciting project with knowledge ready to be shared with its community.

RAPID integrates PoW and Masternodes with a brand new team that will led this project to its finest ever.


More than just a project

The RAPID coin is a lot more than a project. Community-based, RAPID aims a solid position in the altcoin industry alongside other major cryptocurrencies.


Making the most
out of unused.

The Coeus token sale events are unique as they offer tiered bonuses which include increasing token price and lifetime discounts.


Control your future

All-in-one app to secure, manage and exchange blockchain assets.

It begins with total security.

View, manage and sort all your RAPID easily. Providing fast coin and masternode management.

  • PoW Phase – x11
  • Masternode with 450 000 RAPID Collateral
  • Blockchain Synchronisation under 30 minutes
  • Detailed transaction info
  • Custom fees and limits

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Questions and Answers

Listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context, and pertaining to a particular topic.

What exactly is your token?

Token is a community of people who want to mine cryptocurrency profitably by combining resources to achieve savings on equipment and ultra-low-cost electricity.

What’s your overall strategy?

Our strategy is very straightforward: 1) raise funds, 2) leverage those funds to procure the best mining equipment and other necessities at the lowest possible prices, 3) set up the hardware in a suitable facility; 4) start mining; 5) distribute what we mine.

What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and worldwide payment system. It is the first decentralised digital currency, as the system works without a central bank or single administrator.

What is blockchain?

A blockchain is the technology on which cryptocurrency is based. A blockchain is basically a continuously growing list of records called blocks that are linked and secured using cryptography.

What is cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses cryptography to secure its transactions, to control the creation of additional units, and to verify the transfer of assets.

How much should I invest?

Cryptocurrency mining is not without risk, and we are open and candid about those risks in our White Paper.


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